Thank you everyone for making the first annual Lloyd EcoDistrict Model the Way Leadership Awards a huge success


In spring 2017, we recognized local and regional leaders whose approaches best model the way to community-based sustainability. A huge thank you to those that came and joined in celebrating these leaders.

Our Award Winners:


Innovator AwardB-Line:Sustainable Urban Delivery

For creating new pathways to improved livability while reducing negative environmental impacts.

Franklin Jones shifted his focus from teaching about pressing environmental and social concerns to addressing them directly, by moving to Portland and founding B Line, a high-functioning freight tricycle for “last mile” delivery solutions. B-Line’s approach removes congestion and pollution created by the conventional delivery model while maintaining convenience and efficiency. Since February of 2009, B-line has replaced over 100,000 truck and van-based deliveries, avoided an estimated 80 tons of annual CO2 emissions, and now employs twenty people.


Community AwardCity Repair

For dedicated service to the Lloyd EcoDistrict by building bridges to other communities and contributing scarce resources and talent to the benefit of all.

City Repair fosters thriving, inclusive, and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space. They provide support, resources, and opportunities to help diverse communities reclaim the culture, power, and joy that we all deserve.


Anchor AwardDoubleTree

For a strong commitment to the sustainable health of the Lloyd EcoDistrict.

In 2003, DoubleTree became one of the first hotels in Portland to create a sustainability program. Hilton Worldwide used Portland DoubleTree practices as a blueprint for the corporate Light Stay Program now available for Hilton’s entire family of 14 Brands. As a Green Key and Energy certified hotel, Portland DoubleTree is a hospitality leader in green practices. Portland DoubleTree’s key priorities include community involvement, commitment to team members, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and localized purchasing while providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for every guest.


Catalyst AwardNORM Team

For taking a risk to create significant positive impact without guaranteed reward.

The NORM team created a feature within the landmark multi-use development known as Hassalo on Eighth, which not only recycles all grey and black water on the site, it recharges the natural aquifer, creates fertilizer, provides water for landscaping, reduces a substantial load on the municipal system, AND saved the developer 1.5 Million dollars on the project. The team aspect was critical to its success. City agencies, the developer, the general contractor, landscape architect, engineers all had critical roles to play in this catalytic development. NORM (Natural Organic Recycling Machine) has set a new bar for building design and engineering and may end up giving Lloyd a run for its money in terms of nerd names associated with this district. The team was comprised of members from American Assets Trust, GBD, Puttman Infrastructure, BioHabitats, Turner Construction, Place Architecture, Portland Development Commission, & City of Portland


Collaborator AwardPacific Power

For advancing EcoDistrict principles through unique partnerships, authenticity, and resourcefulness.

Pacific Power works to bring its tremendous resources, expertise, and values to address customer and community interests for every issue they partner to resolve. Whether it is funding a 2.6 MW solar array with the Oregon Convention Center, developing a $1/ hr. EV car share program with Hacienda CDC and Drive Oregon, chairing our energy efficiency working group, supporting local Lloyd business to make energy efficiency upgrades or developing a tool to assist commercial building owners with calculating their buildings’ energy performance scores, Pacific Power has been an exemplary community partner.
Pacific Power is an industry leader in renewable resource development. They are pioneering the Energy Imbalance Market that is bringing renewable energy to the Pacific Northwest as a stable part of our resource mix. Legislatively they are working with diverse stakeholders to enact the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Act law that set Oregon standards for the acceleration of transitioning from coal to renewables and support for electric vehicle infrastructure, and community solar.


Visionary AwardHank Ashforth

For creative, effective, and farsighted leadership in sustainability.

In every project, place, or event there is usually an individual who is there at the beginning trying to paint the vision of what could be. Hank Ashforth has the kind of energy, enthusiasm, foresight, and charisma to create the vision and sell it. Our visionary has been at the forefront of everything that is good about Lloyd. He was there for the establishment of a district -wide funding mechanism, and is chair of the Lloyd Enhanced Services District. He was a founding director of Portland Family of Funds, developer of Lloyd’s First LEED certified building, champion of the Eastside Street car, and the Lloyd Transportation Management Association (now Go Lloyd), and the first chair of Lloyd EcoDistrict. When he’s not serving as body double for Ralph Lauren photo shoots, Hank is in Stamford, Connecticut working this same agenda with Ashforth Companies, developing projects within their 2030 District, using district- wide principles to address disaster resiliency, energy systems redundancy, all the while continuously improving the tenant experience. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a really nice guy.

Congratulations to all our award winners!

About Us

Lloyd EcoDistrict has become a role model for sustainability in Portland, and it’s easy to see why – our method works. We have garnered national attention for pioneering a collaborative model for sustainability which unites a whole district around a common vision to reduce our environmental impacts while improving the strength of this community and enhancing the local economy. Our committed partners range from leaders in business and public agencies to neighbors, residents, and workers – if you live work or play here, you are part of

Lloyd EcoDistrict.

By taking action together, in just five years, we have made substantial progress towards ambitious 25-year goals for energy, waste, transportation, and water. We have reduced building energy use by 12.2% over a few years, nearly halfway towards our long-term goal for energy use reduction. We have launched a planning process working towards zero waste. Perhaps more impressive than our performance, are the leaders and champions of sustainability that have emerged from this district. In Lloyd, we have developers drawing worldwide attention for their exemplary ultra-low impact building designs, early leaders in renewable power paving the way for better access to solar PV, public agencies testing innovation for the benefit of all, and landmark research on sustainability impacts.

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Our Master of Ceremonies
Michael Lewellen Portland Trail Blazers VP, Corporate Communications & Public Engagement





Our Keynote Speaker
Lisa Sedlar, Green Zebra Grocery, CEO

Lisa is a highly experienced and successful grocery executive with over 25 years working in the food and grocery retail business. Lisa has been a pioneer in delivering rapid growth in the dynamic natural foods retail segment and is skilled at building teams.

Prior to founding Green Zebra Grocery, she was the President and CEO of New Seasons Market, a regional, high-growth natural foods grocer in Portland, Oregon with 13 retail locations and revenues exceeding $300M. Prior to working for New Seasons, Lisa worked for Whole Foods Market as a Director of Purchasing. Lisa has dedicated her career to great food, all the way back to her early days as a chef, where she learned from such luminaries as Julia Child and Jimmy Schmidt.

Lisa believes that businesses should be in service to their community and do their part to strengthen their neighborhoods. She has demonstrated this both in the way she does business, and outside the business, where she has been an advocate for food security, public health, and education. She has served on a number of non-profit boards including the Oregon Food Bank, Upstream Public Health, Think Local First, All Hands Raised, the James Beard Public Market, Village Gardens, Oregon Business Association and Harper’s Playground. Today, as Founder and CEO of Green Zebra Grocery, Lisa is achieving her dream of making healthy food more convenient and accessible.

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