Lights Out Lloyd 2017

You can make a visible impact on the night sky
by going Lights Out this fall.

GoldfinchPortland sits along the Pacific Flyway, a migratory path used by hundreds of thousands of birds every fall and spring. LightsOut programs help prevent birds navigating at night from getting attracted to urban areas, where they can get off course and injured. Join Lloyd EcoDistrict and the Portland Audubon Society as we go Lights Out in Lloyd this fall. You can make a positive impact on the night sky by reducing unnecessary lighting around your home and office. It’s easy, and it saves energy and money while saving birds!
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Your participation helps make our region safer and healthier for wildlife and humans alike, as well as helping to raise awareness about the growing impact that lightNighttime Migration pollution has on the world around us. Learn more about how you can participate in Lights Out Lloyd this year here.


Join us this summer at a birding event!

•Guided Oaks Bottom, Saturday, August 12 (RSVP now!)
•Vaux’s Swifts Outing, TBD in early September
Porltand Night Skyline•Lights Out Lloyd 2017 Campaign Launch, Friday, September 15th,
more details TBA

Contact Devon at with questions.