Livable Lloyd

The Lloyd District has so many assets – a mix of residential communities, large and small businesses, schools, churches, and neighborhood groups. Livable Lloyd facilitates collaboration across the district, encouraging individuals to bring forth their ideas for creating a livable, sustainable neighborhood. Supported by the Lloyd EcoDistrict, Lloyd District Community Association, and Go Lloyd, Livable Lloyd is a space for neighbors to get to know each other, share resources, and work together to improve and strengthen our community.

Sample Projects

We are always looking for new ways to take on sustainability challenges in our neighborhood. One of Lloyd EcoDistrict’s goals is to support the projects neighbors want to initiate and invite participation to projects we are already involved in! One of our current projects is a Pollinator Pathway, located along NE Multnomah Street between 7th and 8th Ave. This project focuses on bringing green spaces into our built urban environment and providing important habitat for native pollinators such as mason bees and monarch butterflies. Planting began in April 2016. Stay tuned as we plan our next steps for extending the pathway and decorating the planters!

In 2017, we are looking forward to working with City Repair Project as part of their Village Building Convergence. We hope to create a mandala in an intersection in the district. Be sure to attend our meetings to learn all the updates about this community project, as well as to vote on location and design!


Livable Lloyd Meetings are held monthly on the third Monday of every month 6pm-7pm. If you have a community space in the district that you would like to host a meeting at please contact For more information about Livable Lloyd, check out Lloyd District Community Association.

The next Livable Lloyd Meeting will be held on Monday, August 21st from 6pm-7pm, in the community room at the Velomor Apartment located off NE 7th and Hassalo.

If you would like to add your event to our calendar please email with “calendar request” as the subject.


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