Intersection Repair Project

Intersection Repair Project

Intersection Repair Project

The Lloyd EcoDistrict is looking forward to being part of City Repair’s Village Building Convergence in 2017! Over the past year, we sought input on project locations and design ideas. The first project will be an intersection mural at the intersection of NE 2nd Ave and NE Clackamas St. Going forward, we hope to have a number of these projects throughout the neighborhood, building on the assets and talents of the people that live, work and play in the Lloyd EcoDistrict.

Lloyd District Boundary Map - red border
Lloyd EcoDistrict Map

What is an Intersection Repair?: Intersection Repairs typically manifest as a colorful mandala painted in the intersection of two streets. You may have seen them around Portland. City Repair has supported hundreds of Intersection Repairs! We believe that our community has so many assets and resources – pre-schools, yoga studios, restaurants, residents, the presence of small and large businesses, and much more. We have amazing access to public transportation and new development focusing on environmentally sustainable solutions. This project is an opportunity for those of us that live, work, and play in the Lloyd EcoDistrict to get to know each other and share our talents!

The Lloyd EcoDistrict Intersection Repair Project:
We selected the intersection of NE 2nd Ave and NE Clackamas Street. The site, which is located along a bikeway, is located in front of Calaroga Terrace, a senior living facility. We are hoping to make the project a multi-generational effort.

More about City Repair: City Repair fosters thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space. This year Village Building Convergence will be June 2-11 2017 and over these 10 days, 40+ sites will be created! Communities come together with visitors to create spaces that feature public art, gathering places, permaculture gardens, and natural buildings in a process called “placemaking.”

More about the Lloyd EcoDistrict: The Lloyd EcoDistrict encompasses the area with Broadway to the north, 16th to the East, I-84 to the south and the Willamette River to the west. Our office is located in the Lloyd Center Mall.

Upcoming Events

  • Intersection Repair Committee Meeting | Tuesday June 13th| 6-7:00pm | @Lloyd EcoDistrict Offices, 3rd floor of Lloyd Center. Contact for more information.

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