LE3 Working Group

LE3 Working Group

LE3 Working Group

What is the LE3 Working Group?

The Lloyd EcoDistrict Energy Efficiency Working Group, or LE3, is a team comprised of representatives from utilities, city agencies and building owners or operators that have come together to find creative solutions regarding efficient energy consumption in order to meet the district’s goal of “no net increase” in energy use by 2035. Over the next 5 years, 15 energy related projects have been identified to meet the vision through concrete actions.

How was it formed?

Throughout the Energy Action Plan process, the stakeholder advisory committee provided valuable information and guidance. The energy efficiency working group was created with the knowledge that support from a similar group would ensure implementation of the Action Plan.

How does it succeed?

This group keeps growing and thriving through a dedicated team of stakeholders who meet monthly. This group provides a forum for key stakeholders to share results of energy efficiency projects, pool resources, and develop and promote new energy efficiency solutions for the EcoDistrict. Our public partners bring new programs and implement projects in their own offices and our industry partners work hard to implement these energy efficiency projects in their businesses.


Pillars of Engagement for the LE3 Working Group:

Engagement Pillars