About Lloyd EcoDistrict

Lloyd EcoDistrict: A model of sustainability

The mission of Lloyd EcoDistrict is to facilitate collaboration between its businesses, residents, and public agencies to support prosperity, environmental quality, and social welfare. We set goals and implement initiatives to create a neighborhood where people, planet, and prosperity are equally considered. We create replicable models that improve resource efficiency and economic vitality. Lloyd EcoDistrict prioritizes projects and programs that address transportation, water, energy, waste and education.

Lloyd EcoDistrict History

Since 2010, Lloyd EcoDistrict has operated as a business association; we have served as a convener, aggregator, champion, cheerleader and educator primarily to the business community and property owners of the Lloyd Neighborhood. The business community initiated the Lloyd EcoDistrict concept on behalf of the rest of the community knowing it would be hard work, and that they would be tough customers to convince. The prospect of working at scale, collaborating on complex projects, co-investing in projects is difficult work. We knew we needed to start with the business community to develop credibility, trust, and a track record to show that this idea of scaling up for sustainability was a sound one. Five years later with a number of projects under our belt, we learned (and knew all along) that we can’t just do this scaling up idea with business community alone; we need everyone involved to make sustainability at scale work! And so we’ve been reaching out to the community of residents, of the elderly, students, communities of color and others. Our mission has always reflected the whole community but now our work plan will include even more opportunities for us to connect to the Lloyd Neighborhood through community building projects addressing livability, as well as our core performance areas: water, waste, energy and transportation.

We are here!