We are always looking for new ways to take on sustainability challenges in our neighborhood. One of Lloyd EcoDistrict’s goals is to support projects that engage our neighbors and make Lloyd more vibrant, connected, and sustainable. Below is a list of our most recent community projects.
Pollinator Corridor Icon

NE Multnomah Pollinator Corridor

This project brings green spaces into our built urban environment along NE Multnomah Street. Newly planted native perennials provide
important habitat for native pollinators.

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Right 2 Dream Too

Right 2 Dream Too (R2DToo) is a rest area for individuals and couples experiencing homelessness. Recently relocated to the Lloyd Neighborhood,
Lloyd EcoDistrict is working with the R2DToo community and our neighborhood partners to support the rest area’s mission and success.


Lights Out Lloyd Icon

Lights Out Lloyd

Lloyd EcoDistrict works with Portland Audubon Society to educate Lloyd residents, employees, and building managers about the impacts of nighttime lighting. Focused on reducing nighttime light pollution, Lights Out

Lloyd aims to make our neighborhood a friendlier environment for migrating birds.

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Electric Bikes

In Spring 2018, Lloyd EcoDistrict will be working with a number of buildings in the neighborhood to provide free access to electric bikes.
More information to come soon!

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Intersection Mural

Lloyd neighbors and supporters came together in August 2017 to paint Lloyd’s first intersection mural!

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Resilient Lloyd

Lloyd EcoDistrict’s Annual Resident Fair, focused on bringing community members together and engaging residents on topics of
preparedness, neighborhood support, and sustainability. More information coming soon!

Lloyd Listens

A community gathering where over 35 people convened to discuss equity, resilience and climate protection in relation to how we work, live and play in Lloyd.