A Peek Behind The Curtain

By Kristin Leiber

A peek behind the curtain while you donate and win on today’s Big Give Day!  

Hey there! It’s Kristin Leiber, your friendly neighborhood Lloyd EcoDistrict enthusiast. Have you ever wondered what our week looks like in the world of community building and sustainability?

First, we’ve been brainstorming with Key Bank on a financial wellness and credit-builder workshop and expanding our community lending library at Lloyd Center. Connecting with our residents and helping them build capacity through finances and neighborhood events is a big part of neighborhood resilience! We’re also building neighborhood resilience with a free Emergency Preparedness Workshop on Thursday night.

We’ve also been expanding our social circle, having coffee dates with new business neighbors, and scouting event venues. Who knew work could be so yummy?

We’re also rocking the administrative side. We’ve been diligently working on our Form 990, the thrilling document showcasing our work’s impact on the government and the community. Board meetings? You bet! They’re crucial for keeping our ship sailing smoothly and serving as our brain trust.

We’re all about making friends, so we met with the Enhanced Services District coordinator and our fellow ESD staff. Together, we’re painting a bright future for Portland’s Central City. Speaking of friends – our buddies at James Recycling are hosting a big recycling event this Saturday at the Lloyd Center.

In our quest for climate justice, we’ve been writing grants, pitching ideas for resilient public spaces, and even attending a lunch and learn with the Community Cycling Center and Mike Crate Kitchen. We’re like the Swiss Army knife of community organizations.

Here is where Give!Guide comes in. Today is a Big Give Day – we’re at 9% of our goal, and we’re aiming for 15% this week. The good news is there are tons of incentives to give today!

A collage of four pictures of dishes from four restaurants around portland with the words "A Taste of Portland" overlaying the images.
When you give $10 or more, you could win one of four Taste of Portland prize packages, including gift cards to some of the tastiest spots in town. It’s like a foodie’s dream come true!

We’ve also got a host of partner incentives to Way of Being, Green Bridge Coffee, Keia & Martyn’s Coffee Shoppe, and more that come with any donation to us! 

A photo of Mike Bennett (white male with show grey hair and beard and wearing a short-sleaved blue shirt) holding a cartoon "Do Not Litter" signs featuring pigeon-like birds and trash.
For the big spenders, donating $150 or more will get you some fabulous Mike Bennett yard art.

Yes, you can finally have that “slow down” cartoon sloth sign you’ve always dreamed of!

And finally, all donations today will be entered to win a bag of locally roasted beans from local fan favorite Green Bridge Coffee, now with two locations in Lloyd!

So, what do you say? Join us on this wild ride of community-building and sustainability. We may not have a fancy sales pitch, but we sure know how to make a difference.


Kristin Leiber

Lloyd EcoDistrict