Reflecting on “Heat Week”

In thinking about this past week’s heat wave, I can’t help but reflect on my experience with Portland’s “Heat Week,” events earlier this summer. This was a week of events to commemorate the 2021 Heat Dome in Portland. I attended the 350PDX Pedalpalooza Ride as well as the Action Night Picnic. I would consider myself […]

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Wildfire smoke engulfed the Oregon Convention Center

NEW: Air Quality in Lloyd Resouce Page

Hi, Sophia Kingsbury here; Neighborhood Resilience Intern for Lloyd EcoDistrict. Among the objectives and plans laid out in our community’s 2030 Roadmap, we have set a goal to track air quality data. In conjunction with this goal, Lloyd EcoDistrict wants to make this data available and share mitigation strategies for poor air quality days. One […]

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Heat Week 2022

This year, Portlander’s have grown accustomed to cloudy skies, cold mornings, and rain, with the spring having record rain showers and the Willamette river areas under flood warning. Yet, we can not forget that around this time last year, Oregon experienced a major heat dome. Temperatures in the Portland area reached a record high of […]

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