Blumenauer Bridge News

Image of I-84 and Blumenauer Bridge being constructed

By Joshua Baker

You likely recently saw that I-84 was shut down for a few days earlier this month. While we know it may have been a hassle for some folks, we’re excited that the final construction phase of the Blumenauer Bridge is finally here! 

The Blumenauer Bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle only bridge that will connect NE 7th Ave to Lloyd and Central Eastside neighborhoods. With its large white arches, the bridge will stretch over Sullivan’s Gulch and is approximately 475 ft. long and 24 ft. wide with about a 10 ft. pedestrian path and a 14 ft. two-way bike path. The bridge will promote safety for pedestrians and bicyclists passing in and out of the Lloyd. When it opens in Summer 2022, the bridge will be seismically resilient and serve as a backup route for emergency vehicles over I-84 in the event of an earthquake. In addition to the bridge, the project includes two new public plazas and landings on the north and south sides of the bridge.

At Lloyd EcoDistrict, we’ve maintained the key pollinator corridor on NE Multnomah Blvd, protecting cyclists and beautifying the streetscape, over the past two years. The opening of the Blumenauer Bridge along the Green Loop on NE 7th offers another opportunity to extend the corridor in the future. We’ve already worked with the City of Portland and ZGF Architects to expand the number and variety of plants at the north landing. We are also partnering with Lloyd Community Association, Go Lloyd, Lloyd ESD, Metro, and the Portland Street Art Alliance to complete a pollinator-themed mural project at the bridgehead. Stay tuned to next year to see the mural and the finished bridge! Perhaps we should host a party at the bridge when it opens?

Image of a projection of Blumenauer Bridge when it has been completed