Cleaning Up the Park: 360 Hours & 3,300 Pounds of Trash


By Joshua Baker

Starting in the earlier spring months of April and May, to the heat of late July, our volunteers did not disappoint in getting outside to help us make progress on Peace Memorial Park. You cumulatively worked over 360 hours and picked up around 3,300 pounds of trash over the span of four clean-ups throughout the first half of 2021, and we cannot thank you enough for your help. 

Our last clean-up was met with the perfect weather for a morning spent outside. We worked primarily on trash pick-up and landscaping for this clean-up, prioritizing the interior of the park and the blocks surrounding it, for a grand total of 800 pounds of collected trash. Our 28 volunteers also worked on raking up some of the grassier areas of Peace Memorial Park that had started to accumulate fallen American linden seeds and other plant debris. Check out the photo below of the six bags of organic debris that was gathered during the clean-up! Lloyd EcoDistrict volunteers and staff also worked as well on cutting back some of the pesky invasive blackberries that always find their way back into our pollinator garden. Read more about the problem of invasive blackberries in our blog post covering our April clean-up, click this link to navigate to the page. 

Have you met up with us for a clean-up yet? If not, don’t worry! You can check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find updated information on future clean-ups and other events, and don’t forget to keep up to date with our website calendar as well!