Community Member Spotlight: Francisca Garfia


By Joshua Baker

As we social distance we miss seeing our volunteers and community members at plantings, paintings, and community meetings. Lloyd EcoDistrict appreciates all the time our volunteers put into making the Lloyd a sustainable and equitable neighborhood and can’t wait to see each other again in person post-pandemic!

In the meantime, we want to start highlighting some of our volunteers and others making a difference around the Lloyd. First up is Francisca Garfia, who has lived and volunteered in the Lloyd for nearly three years.

We asked Francisca to answer some questions to let our community get to know her better.

What projects have you worked or volunteered on with Lloyd EcoDistrict or in the Lloyd Neighborhood?

The project I remember volunteering on the most was the street mural on NE 2nd Avenue and NE Clackamas Street. It’s hard to believe that was nearly a year ago! I really enjoyed meeting more of my neighbors and being able to brighten up a spot that is often overlooked. I was surprised at how quickly we were able to finish painting as we had so many volunteers.  

Now, I get to walk by that street mural whenever I go on walks and it makes me really happy to remember that I helped paint that street mural.

What is your favorite spot in Lloyd? Why that spot?

I really like the street behind the convention center during mid-March. There’s a row of cherry blossom trees and since they’re tucked away, it feels like a special treat just for this neighborhood when they bloom. I also like the little side streets that sprout off 7th Avenue between Multnomah and Lloyd. There’s a street with other blooming trees (Oregon, I think?) that’s also really lovely in the springtime.

What does your ideal day look like?

My ideal day would mostly consist of eating at places throughout the neighborhood, biking in the sun, seeing some nice dogs and sleeping a full 9 hours.

What is your favorite place to get food in the Lloyd and why?

I have so many favorite places! My current favorites are Green Bridge Coffee (for a breakfast sandwich), Green Zebra (snacks), Muchas Gracias (burritos), Pullman Wine Bar (wine and cheese), and Sizzle Pie (late night pizza). I mostly like them because they’re close by and within walking distance.

What is something you’d like to see happen in the Lloyd over the next couple of years?

I think it would be nice to see some more activity throughout the neighborhood during the weekend. It’s definitely busy during the week, but on weekends some businesses are closed due to the lack of traffic. I know it’s difficult to get that foot traffic without office workers, but hopefully we can figure out a way to strike a balance.

Do you have a personal sustainability/resiliency goal or project for the year?

My main biking goal for this year was to commute by bike during May – October. However, due to COVID-19 I’ve amended my goal to just biking on the weekends. I’d like to also go on the Ride the Rim ride – cyclists bike around the rim of Crater Lake – if possible.

I also want to reconsider my emergency preparedness kit as some items have expired and I need to store things differently since my partner and I have moved. It’s a big goal for the year!

Favorite book/movie/TV show – what are you watching right now?

I’m currently rewatching Community on Netflix. I’m not sure I have a favorite show, though I’m a fan of watching reality TV (especially The Bachelor) with friends.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

100 % telekinesis. It would help with getting things off shelves or carrying my bike down stairs.

Any other things you would like to share?

I’m super excited about potentially forming a neighborhood emergency team! When preparing for emergencies, it seems really daunting as supplies can be expensive, it takes time to get informed and make a plan, and generally its anxiety-inducing to think about emergencies/disasters. That’s why I want to share a document that really helped me.

It’s a 24-week list that breaks down the components to an emergency preparedness kit. While it’s a lot, it’s a good starting point and helped remind me of some things I wouldn’t have considered including in my kit otherwise:

Thanks for sharing, Francisca!