Let us Re-Introduce Conserve Energy


By Joshua Baker

You might be familiar with LAMP, (Lloyd Eco District’s LED Advantage Member Program), but do you know about our partner who makes this unique program possible? Meet Conserve Energy, LLC your local reliable Northwest lighting company. With CONSERVE Energy officially becoming COBID certified, and Michael Reunert recently completing NXT Level 2 training certification, we wanted to re-introduce you to them. Since its start in 2008, Conserve Energy has completed thousands of energy efficiency projects in the commercial and industrial sector. CONSERVE Energy works to lower your energy consumption while working with incentive programs that can cover up to 70% of up-front costs. CONSERVE Energy is proud to create these projects for a diverse array of buildings, ranging local non profit organizations to larger class A office buildings. 

Equipped with eight years of experience in LED lighting, Portland Regional Manager Michael Reunert took on NXT Level 2 training to stay up to date in the world of lighting and controls. This is just one of many other workshops Michael has participated in, with other training including IES (Illumination Engineering Society) courses to sponsored sessions from Energy Trust of Oregon and many others. 

CONSERVE Energy uses cutting edge technology to bring you more efficient lighting, and uses incentive programs to keep out-of-pocket costs low. For instance, integrating dimming controls and photosensors to create daylight harvesting zones. If you have a lighting fixture positioned close to a window, the lighting fixture will dim itself based on the amount of natural light coming into the room. This technology maintains consistent light levels, reduces energy consumption, and qualifies for additional incentives from most utilities. 

CONSERVE Energy’s partnership with Lloyd EcoDistrict can simply be described as a win-win-win. For Lloyd EcoDistrict, we are grateful for the opportunity to receive a portion of the revenue from CONSERVE Energy’s projects to put towards sustainability projects and affordable housing in our neighborhood. CONSERVE Energy now has access to a broader customer base who can feel satisfied knowing they are saving money, increasing the efficiency of their lighting, and supporting local non-profits. Working with Lloyd EcoDistrict also means interesting projects for CONSERVE Energy such as creating efficient lighting for the Portland Fire & Rescue that required a wide array of both exterior and interior lighting fixtures. Working with the LAMP program is also a big win for our customers, as they get improved lighting quality, reduced energy & maintenance expense, moderate cost, offset by utility incentives, and the knowledge that they are supporting good works in their community. 

Since partnering on LAMP, we have completed more than 40 projects together. These projects have added up to almost $145,000 of cost savings for program participants each year and an estimated 1.7 million kWh of electricity total is now saved every year moving forward! Taking into consideration our utility energy sources, that means that completed projects now prevent 817 tons of CO2 from being emitted every year because of LAMP’s efforts.

CONSERVE Energy has recently acquired its Certification as a minority-owned business through the Oregon Certification Office for Inclusion and Diversity (COBID). CONSERVE Energy becoming COBID certified assists in leveling the playing field by providing certified firms a fair opportunity to compete for government contracts regardless of owner ethnicity, gender, disability, or firm size. This new certification brings in more business for the organization, which has always been minority owned but now has the official certification, where they now have access to larger federal and state lighting projects.

Interested in savings and more efficient lighting? Contact the LAMP team to start your next lighting project.