Eco-Tips for this Holiday Season


By Joshua Baker

A couple of years ago – our wonderful intern, Aspen Caroline, wrote a monthly blog for us centered around eco-tips.  With the holidays here – there were two that we wanted to share again. 

First up: Eco-tips for the kitchen! Check out Aspen’s blog on Saving Energy in the Kitchen blog to reduce your energy usage while you prepare tasty Thanksgiving and holiday meals (or just a regular Monday night dinner after work). 

Secondly, with gift-giving holidays upon us, there are ways to keep sustainability front in center. Read some of Aspen’s tips about staying sustainable this holiday season.

Also – we encourage you to check out our friends at Way of Being, our local low-waste store, for a series of tips about low-waste and intentional gift-giving. We’ll be keeping these in mind this year! 

  • 10 Ways to Gift This Season with Less Waste & More Intention
    • If you’ve been making strides this year to reduce your waste output and make more mindful purchasing decisions, don’t let the holiday season derail your good intentions! How do you participate in a consumption-heavy holiday while staying true to your convictions? Gift and receive responsibly without overhauling your traditions with these 10 tips!
  • Intentional Gifts for Low Waste Experts and Novices Alike
    • If you’re looking to spread a little bit of the joy and purpose that comes with minimizing your waste footprint this holiday season, you may find it challenging to brainstorm gifts for your friends and family who span the full spectrum of low waste expertise and commitment. In good news, there truly are great options for all levels of interest and proficiency!
  • The Gift Guide to Secretly Get Your Family to Live with Less Waste
    • Ah the holidays. The perfect opportunity to secretly entice everyone in your family to hop on board the low-waste lifestyle train with you. They’ll be so caught up in the ecstasy of gift-giving and receiving, they’ll be none the wiser to your covert mission to reduce your household waste. Muahahaha. Commence secret plot.
  • 15 Stocking Stuffers $15 or Less
    • Some people have an assumption that all sustainable and ethical products cost an arm and a leg, but that’s just not true! Here are 15 products under $15 that make great stocking stuffers, secret Santa or white elephant gifts, or just a small token of holiday cheer for friends, neighbors, teachers, or colleagues.