Energy Trust Lighting Incentives… Changes for 2021

By Joshua Baker

Many of you may know that Energy Trust of Oregon put their commercial lighting incentives on hold for new projects back in November, due to higher than expected project volume. Energy Trust has announced that they will be reopening the program for new projects on February 10.  However, 2021 incentives will be different than what we are used to and we wanted to make sure you know what to expect and how you can take advantage of this year’s incentives.

The 2021 commercial lighting incentives will have a number of constraints compared to previous years. The most significant from a customer point of view are an incentive cap of $6,000 per project, and per “participant” for the year. (A participant is defined as a unique combination of business entity and address.)  Also, there are more stringent time restrictions on the period for signing off on incentive offers and completing projects once incentives are approved.

The upshot of these changes is that there will still be attractive opportunities for incentives to support small to medium lighting projects, such as offices up to 7,500 sq-ft or parking lots with up to 40 pole fixtures. Also, multiple tenants in the same building or complex can each qualify as a participant for lighting project(s) within their space.

 If you are thinking about doing a lighting upgrade in 2021, there are advantages to moving quickly. Doing so will allow you to avoid potential project delays and total incentive caps with your chosen Energy Trust Trade Ally contractor.

Want to learn what incentives your lighting project could qualify for?  Contact us at, we can help with our LED Advantage Member Program (LAMP)!