Feeling refreshed and productive – The final weeks of the E-Fleet Pilot Program


By Joshua Baker

As we enter into the final week of our E-Fleet Pilot Program, we are STOKED to hear back from our participants on their experience riding Genze’s electric bikes. In this second cohort, employees from PacifiCorp, American Assets Trust, and the Kaiser Permanente West Side Medical Center took their e-bikes all over the district to meetings, on errands, and for some good old fun! One rider found e-bikes to be “great for city errands and to persuade my ‘couch potato’ friends into getting some exercise.”  Our participants are finding e-bikes to be excellent “water cooler conversation,” bringing coworkers and teams closer together and creating a bigger sense of office community.

These are just some of the many benefits to alternative transportation like e-fleets and bicycles. You can read all about the day in the life of an e-bike commuter in San Francisco, who takes on the challenges of the rat race in style. Check out our projects page for more information on Lloyd EcoDistrict’s E-Fleet Program.