Lloyd’s First Free Fridge Arrives

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 3.27.36 PM

By Joshua Baker

Thanks to Benson HS Technical Geometry students, R2DToo now has a Free Fridge that you can donate to or take from 24/7. But what is a Free Fridge exactly? Free Fridge PDX is an opportunity for people in the community to help one another to donate food and take it freely at fridges and pantries across Portland. Their mission is to increase accessibility to food and supplies for anyone who might need it. A new fridge has just been dropped off in the Lloyd neighborhood this week and is located at R2DToo.

We want to show some love and support to the Benson students who created this project and let them know their community supports them and their education. We are calling out to Lloyd to head out to the Free Fridge and submit photos of you dropping off food, or holding “thank you” signs to the Benson HS students to your social media. Tag us and Benson HS @EcoLloyd and @BensonTechGeo and/or use the hashtags #LloydFreeFridge #R2DTooFreeFridge when you post. We’ll make sure that the students at Benson see your support!

The Free Fridge is looking for unexpired, unopened food and asks that you please not donate/leave alcohol, drugs, or uncooked meat. They additionally ask you to keep meat and produce separately. Some helpful community guidelines for the free fridge can be found here: perishables in the fridge and non-perishables in the pantry, wear a mask and gloves while preparing homemade food, use clean and sturdy containers that completely seal, and label each item with: what it is, any allergens, the date it was made.