Vision Statement

Vision Statement

The Lloyd EcoDistrict is a place where businesses, residents, government agencies and nonprofits all share a vision: to build the most sustainable living-and-working district in North America.

The leaders behind the Lloyd EcoDistrict understand the importance of combining economic, environmental and social considerations in new ways – ways that benefit everyone who shares the district. And we’re coming together to bring the concept to life, with a clear vision and concrete plans.

By following that vision and implementing those plans, we will create a place that truly serves a triple bottom line: it’ll be good for the people who live and work there; it’ll be good for the planet they share; and it’ll be good for the profit businesses need to stay economically strong.

We defined our focus early on, targeting the areas of transportation, water, energy and waste. We’ve identified ways we can put every available resource to work, as we strive to improve performance, create efficiency and make it possible for anyone to participate. We will communicate these ideas across the district, inspire people and build consensus, educate everyone who wants to be involved, and connect people and resources effectively. We’ll make sure lofty ideas translate to practical projects.

And the partners we bring together will work hard to achieve these goals.
As the Lloyd EcoDistrict becomes an even better place to work, live, shop and visit, it will become a model for other forward-thinking districts. People will come and observe what is being accomplished here, and take ideas back to where they live and work. And the Lloyd EcoDistrict leaders will freely share knowledge and experience with everyone who’s interested.

The Lloyd EcoDistrict will continue to lead by example. We know there’s no ending point in our effort, so we’ll keep looking for innovative ways to apply the principles behind what we’ve created. And meanwhile the merchants, the residents and the people who work in the Lloyd EcoDistrict will relish their roles in a shared, widely recognized identity – one they can embody and take pride in on a daily basis: the most sustainable living-and-working district around.