January Livable Lloyd Recap

LL Recap

By Joshua Baker

Livable Lloyd is a great opportunity for residents to connect, discuss potential neighborhood projects & events, and gives us a chance to share exciting news related to our ongoing projects. This past meeting was no different. We got to hear updates from residents in regards to their desires for Lloyd, introduce one of our new resident co-chairs, address coming changes to public transportation and pedestrian spaces, and be a part of some great conversations.

Image Description: Community members discuss potential projects for Livable Lloyd.
Image Description: Community members discuss potential projects for Livable Lloyd.

Making Lloyd a more inviting residential neighborhood is at the forefront of Livable Lloyd meetings and getting to hear desires and concerns from those who reside in the area informs us of the best way to go about reaching this goal. Some great ideas we heard from residents included a popup dog park this summer at Holladay Park, which would aid in continuing to revitalize the space. Another desire we heard from attending residents was for a Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET), which is a resident group trained by Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) & Portland Fire and Rescue to be the first responders in the case of a city-wide emergency. We would like to help facilitate the building of these groups and identify those who would like to be resident leaders. If this is something that is of interest to you, reach out and we can help to connect you with others and the necessary resources. 

A key part of making a neighborhood, and the city as a whole, more sustainable is public transportation. We are lucky that one of our new resident co-chairs works for TriMet, and he shared the scoop on upcoming changes being made. Increased frequency of bus lines along with increased capacity is in our immediate future, due especially to designated transit lanes. The lines of specific interest to residents here in Lloyd are Line 6 and Line 70. Some steps are being taken to speed along the MAX lines, though increased frequency is a challenge due to the infrastructure that would be required. 

An additional transportation project currently underway is the Blumenauer Pedestrian Bridge. The Pedestrian Bridge will be a part of the larger Green Loop, connecting the central city while promoting walking and biking. In August of this year, I-84 will be closed for the weekend while the bridge is put into place, connecting Lloyd and the Central Eastside using 7th Avenue. 

Image Description: Notes taken to capture ideas from Livable Lloyd attendees.
Image Description: Notepad, pen, and coffee mugs. Notes taken to capture ideas from Livable Lloyd attendees.

While summer seems like the distant future, it was exciting to get to discuss possible ideas for engaging the Lloyd community once the weather makes a turn for the better. Thinking about the future days in the park, intersection revitalization, and resident happy hours has us in the mood to get planning. Attending Livable Lloyd is a great way to ensure these things happen, and give you the chance to share any ideas you have to get your neighbors engaged!

Green Bridge Coffee graciously hosted this Livable Lloyd meeting, which was a wonderful kick-off to our partnership with them this quarter. Our next Livable Lloyd meeting will be Saturday, March 28, from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at Green Bridge Coffee. We would love to hear from you! If you have any thoughts on this month’s happenings or would like more information, reach out to Grants and Outreach Manager, Brian Garcia, at brian@ecolloyd.org.