Lisa and the Lamp: A tale of hard work and innovation in energy efficiency

By Joshua Baker


Lisa Klein cares deeply about the environment. At home, she even line dries her clothing to save energy. In her work, as assistant property manager for 1201 Lloyd, she is committed to conserving energy and resources and her tenants appreciate the efforts she makes to improve energy efficiency in their building. She had been interested in using LEDs for a while in the building she manages, but things were moving slowly. There were so many potential lighting services it was confusing to figure out which to use. And that is when LAMP came in. Lisa says, “We are all so busy so when someone comes in and does the paperwork for me. It takes a lot off my plate and really makes it possible to move forward.”

The LED advantage member program, also known as LAMP, is Lloyd EcoDistrict’s pilot bulk purchasing program for LED lighting. Lisa knew all about Lloyd EcoDistrict, she has been an active participant in their energy efficiency working group, where she connects with other managers in the district about energy efficiency work. Lisa comments that she has been impressed,

“I see a lot of hard work being done by good people and a great deal of passion in this district. Lloyd EcoDistrict is one of the few of its kind that really WORKS.”

LAMP is truly a unique kind of program borrowing a concept from the model of health care group purchasing organizations. According to Sarah Heinicke, Lloyd EcoDistrict’s executive director, “The idea was to find a simple but meaningful project where we could test the concept of aggregating demand in order to negotiate for better pricing.” Through an arrangement with a lighting distributor, and coordination with Energy Trust of Oregon’s incentives, LAMP is able to deliver lighting as low as 16% of market pricing and a team of lighting experts from Quantum energy handle everything at no additional cost. When it started, this covered parking lot lighting only, but it now covers all interior and exterior lighting applications.

This kind of entrepreneurial program creates value for the Lloyd district in so many ways. The environment benefits because LED technology reduces the amount of energy that is being used for lighting. Building owners and managers, like Lisa, benefit by getting better pricing on LED lighting. With rising energy costs, to Lisa and her tenants, using LAMP is a win-win-win. “You aren’t just saving money by using products that save energy. You also save on costs, parts, labor with products that last longer.”  A partnership with Building Owners and Managers Association of Oregon expands the reach of the program throughout Oregon enabling more buildings to take advantage of the pricing. Furthermore, a portion of the revenue is donated to a local nonprofit, Central City Concern, which works to provide housing solutions for disadvantaged members of our community. LAMP truly meets the triple bottom line, helping the environment, providing financial benefit and supporting social services.

Lisa Klein knows this and this made using LAMP an easy choice. Lisa is happy with the program and hopes to do more projects with LAMP. According to Lisa, the lighting team “has been very responsive and easy to work with. Now that the groundwork has been laid it will make it easier to use the program again in the future.” Energy efficiency will continue to be a focus for Lisa, especially since the 1201 Lloyd building is energy star rated. Improvements like retrofitting with LEDs go a long way to raise that score. This makes the building more marketable and Lisa says “people like to be in a building where the managers have success stories to tell about conserving energy.”

LAMP definitely is that kind of success story for us at the EcoDistrict and for Lisa. We are proud of Lisa and all of her work at the 1201 building. We hope LAMP can be a win for more building owners and managers throughout Oregon. To those in the district and beyond, our energy warriors like Lisa who fight the good fight against high energy use everyday – in the words of Ghandi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”