Lloyd EcoDistrict businesses take top honors in Kilowatt Crackdown; A new face in the district

By Joshua Baker

There is much to celebrate in the Lloyd EcoDistrict this summer. Besides lots of gorgeous weather, a number of buildings in the district were winners in the Kilowatt Crackdown, which wrapped up in May. This 18-month friendly competition pits buildings in a four-county area against each other to achieve energy savings. Contestants get free resources, tools and support to reach their energy goals, and are matched against similar types of buildings in categories such as “Highest Performing Building” and “Most Improved.”

Our local winners included:

  • Liberty Centre (2nd place, Highest Performing Buildings for Multi-Year Participants)
  • Oregon Square 729 (3rd place, Highest Performing Buildings for Multi-Year Participants)
  • Bonneville Power Administration Headquarters (1st place, Highest Performing Buildings for Inaugural Participants)
  • The Forum Building (3rd place (tie), Highest Performing Buildings for Inaugural Participants)

Curtis Lunski, Chief Engineer for Langley Investment Properties, which owns the Liberty Centre, said, “We’re always striving to conserve energy at all Langley properties. We work to keep buildings running as optimally as possible without compromising comfort to the occupants.” Lunski and his team are currently working on replacing older lighting with LED bulbs, which can reduce the energy used per bulb from 82 watts to 14 watts.

Congratulations to our finalists and winners for your performance and commitment to energy efficiency.

To learn more about the Kilowatt Crackdown, or find out about future competitions, visit http://www.kilowatt-crackdown.com/portland/ or email Info@kilowatt-crackdown.com

A new face in the District

As of late May, there is a new face around the Lloyd EcoDistrict. I joined the Lloyd EcoDistrict team, taking over Ann Griffin’s role as Program Manager. One of the things that attracted me to this position is the energy and engagement that already exists within the district. Among both businesses and residents, there is a sense of commitment to making the Lloyd EcoDistrict the most sustainable business district in North America, and a great place for people to live, work and play. From the Kilowatt Crackdown winners to the Living Machine in the Lloyd Blocks development, we’re demonstrating that this approach makes great economic sense.

Another benefit to working here in the district: all the transit options. From walking, biking, buses and Max, options abound when it comes to getting from home to work and points in between. This warm weather is great for biking, so I’ve been taking advantage of the bike lanes in the district to get to work. It’s a great way to start and end the day.

I’m looking forward to working here in the Lloyd EcoDistrict. What do you like about living or working in the Lloyd EcoDistrict? What are you excited about in the next few years? I’d love to hear from you – you can email me at alison@ecolloyd.org.

Alison Hopcroft is the Program Manager for Lloyd EcoDistrict and the Principal of Hopcroft Consulting.