Lloyd EcoDistrict Continues Commitment to Sustainability with New Infrastructure to Encourage EV Drivers


By Joshua Baker

July 18, 2016

Lloyd EcoDistrict Welcomes ChargePoint’s latest DC Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Lloyd EcoDistrict Continues Commitment to Sustainability with New Infrastructure to Encourage EV Drivers

Lloyd EcoDistrict, together with ChargePoint and Drive Oregon, have installed ChargePoint’s most efficient DC Fast electric vehicle chargers to ensure that Lloyd Center shoppers and residents as a way to continue their commitment to the sustainability, and provide additional convenience to visitors and residents.


“Lloyd EcoDistrict is committed to ensure our community is looking forward in a sustainable way and these new chargers are directly related to two of our core performance areas: energy use and transportation,” Sarah Heinicke, Lloyd EcoDistrict Executive Director said.


“Families will choose clean, sustainable commuting when it is affordable and accessible,” noted Represenative Frederick. “Neighborhood charging will enable more community members to choose electric vehicles, reducing air pollution and slowing climate change.” He added, “To achieve the reduction in greenhouse gases that this planet needs, we have to make these options viable across the economic spectrum.”


ChargePoint, the largest EV charging company in the U.S., is transforming the transportation industry by providing charging stations, a mobile app, and a network that allows people to charge their cars anywhere they go. The new Lloyd Center chargers bring their total number of deployed chargers in Oregon to over 350 stations and nationally to over 29,600, keeping them as the leading provider of charging infrastructure in the world.


Oregon, through the work of Drive Oregon, has the largest number of business-based electric vehicle chargers. This new launch ensures that the state continues to provide the infrastructure Oregonians need as they transition to more sustainable transportation solutions. “Electric vehicle chargers at businesses are a great way to help Oregonians choose a greener, more convenient, ride as they shop, socialize or go to work,” Jeff Allen, Drive Oregon executive director said.


Pacific Power partners with Drive Oregon and the Lloyd EcoDistrict to promote the growth of EV chargers wherever they can serve the company’s customers. “Making EV charging more available and convenient is just another of the great things happening in the Lloyd District and Northeast Portland” said Scott Bolton, vice president of external affairs. “We are looking forward to yet another way to better serve our customers.”

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