Lloyd Leaders Chart Course to More Reliant Energy Future

EAP Update

By Joshua Baker

By Ann Griffin
Lloyd EcoDistrict

The Lloyd EcoDistrict has established a powerful goal for itself:  there will be no net increase in energy use in Lloyd over the next 20 years.  No net increase, despite new residents moving into the area, and the construction of an estimated 22 million square feet of commercial space.  Commercial property managers and building owners in Lloyd met over a six month period of time and frankly examined what could be done to reach such a goal.  The result is the Lloyd EcoDistrict Energy Action Plan (EAP).  The EAP was drafted by Puttman Infrastructure, and funded through the Portland Development Commission.

The EcoDistrict will rely upon a combination of energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy, and a potential district energy project.  In addition, the EAP identifies that all new commercial buildings in Lloyd should aim to perform 15% better than Oregon Energy code in order for the district to reach this goal of no net energy use increase. Other specific projects will be undertaken in the district as well..  For example, the Lloyd EcoDistrict will continue to work with building management teams to assist with energy monitoring and benchmarking.

In all, the (EAP) identifies 15 projects that the EcoDistrict will and is undertaking to accomplish its energy-related goals (see list below). With the EAP in place, the Lloyd EcoDistrict continues to implement real changes toward its goal of accelerating sustainable performance district-wide.

Projects Identified in the Lloyd EcoDistrict Energy Action Plan
New Building Energy Efficiency
#1   New Building Energy Use Intensity – 15% Better than Oregon Energy Code

Existing Building Energy Efficiency Improvements
#2   Lloyd 700 – 30% energy reduction
#3   Legacy Labs – 40% energy reduction
#4   Oregon Convention Center (OCC) – 13% energy reduction
#5   East West College – 2% energy reduction
#6   Calaroga Terrace – 14% energy reduction
#7   Red Lion Inn – 30% energy reduction

Renewable Energy & District Energy
#8   OCC Solar Power PV – 2 MW solar PV system
#9   Additional PV – 50,000 sq. ft. of new solar PV
#10 OCC/Convention Center Hotel – district energy system

EcoDistrict Catalyzer Projects
#11 Energy Efficiency Working Group
#12 Existing Building Energy Protocol
#13 Energy Modeling & Benchmarking
#14 Bulk Purchasing Demonstration Project – LED lights
#15 Preferred Solar Provider – 3rd party provider partnership