Model the Way 2023: Previous Award Winners


By Burgin Utaski

Join us for the 5th annual Model the Way Awards on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, to celebrate the impactful work being done by adventurous individuals, businesses, and organizations in Lloyd. Model the Way is a fun-filled evening, where we honor community partners and raise funds to continue developing creative solutions to the challenges that our urban communities face. Early Bird access tickets are now available for purchase until March 24, 2023.

We are looking for individuals, businesses, projects, or organizations doing creative and groundbreaking work in the Lloyd area to be nominated for our two award categories: Bedrock & Collaborator. 

We’re currently accepting nominations until March 8, 2023. We invite you to submit a nomination here

Read on to learn more about the awards and to take a look at some of our past winners!
Bedrock: A dependable and solid leader in the Lloyd community whose work is purposeful, inclusive, and provides foundational support for initiatives that emphasize equity, resilience, and climate protection.

Previous Bedrock Winners

In 2017: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland. As a Green Key and Energy certified hotel, DoubleTree is a hospitality leader in green practices. They were also one of the first hotels in Portland to create a sustainability program, a blueprint for Hilton hotels across the country. Portland DoubleTree’s key priorities include community involvement, commitment to team members, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and localized purchasing while providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for every guest. Their win as a beneficial leader in the Lloyd community can be attributed to their innovative work in spreading awareness, implementing projects, and catalyzing new initiatives in the hospitality industry. 

In 2018: Central City Concern. Central City Concern (CCC) is one of the longest running social service organizations in the area, serving over 13,000 people annually. They strive to address the root causes of poverty and homelessness, including housing, health, and employment. Additionally, CCC has a commitment to sustainability. Since 2009, CCC has worked to reduce water and energy usage in their affordable housing units. CCC operates two of these buildings in the Lloyd, the Miracles Central and Madrona Studios. Their green team also created the Recycling and Reuse Operations Center, a hub for processing household items left behind from transitional housing, items now ready to be used again rather than sent to the landfill. CCC has made a tremendous impact in our community, emphasizing equity, resilience, and climate protection in their work. CCC affordable housing projects in Lloyd in the Miracles Central and Madrona Studios.

Collaborator: A collaborative problem-solver with a demonstrated commitment to supporting sustainable, creative, and equitable partnerships to address the complex challenges facing the Lloyd community. 

Previous Collaborator Winners

In 2019: Grays Going Green. Grays Going Green is a subcommittee of the Holladay Park Plaza Residents Association Building and Grounds Committee that works to provide information and resources to Holladay Park Plaza residents. In 2018, Grays Going Green implemented a reusable takeout container system for the dining program after learning of the 34,000 single use takeout containers sent to the landfill annually. Additionally, this committee has supported the Right 2 Dream Too, located in the Lloyd, a rest area for the houseless population in Portland. Gray Going Green have been generous donors of hygiene kits, warm clothes, and food. Their sustainable, creative, and equitable partnership with the Lloyd community, both within and outside of Holladay Park Plaza, was recognized with this Collaborator award. 

In 2020: Conserve Energy. Conserve Energy has been an ongoing partner of Lloyd EcoDistrict in the LAMP program, a one of a kind values-driven triple bottom line LED retrofit program. Through the LAMP program, Conserve has helped reduce CO2 emissions by about 760 tons each year! Customers are also saving 1.6 million hours of electricity annually which equates to $132,000 of savings on their electricity bill. Their work in LED lighting retrofitting, which includes sharing profits back to the community, exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and partnering that this award seeks to acknowledge.