Model the Way Award Winner Spotlight

MTW Award Spotlight

By Joshua Baker

Highlighting different organizations and individuals who are making changes on the neighborhood level is of utmost importance here at Lloyd EcoDistrict. Through Model the Way Sustainable Leadership Awards, we have found a great way to ensure those making moves to be more sustainable and equitable are brought to the forefront. This week we would like to highlight two more of the available awards, the Collaborator Award and the Game Changer Award. 

The Collaborator Award is for a business or organization that has shown their commitment to bringing together a variety of perspectives to improve their community or business life. Their work has served those within the region through community-building efforts and providing resources that ultimately support inclusive and sustainable partnerships.  Last year we had two winners of this award; PLACE and a resident group at Holiday Park Plaza, Grays Going Green . 

Image Description: Children having fun being creative at a design charrette.

PLACE’s philosophy of people inspired placemaking is evident throughout the work they do. As an organization, they sponsor company-wide civic activities, such as neighborhood tree planting and revitalization projects. Last year they collaborated with Parke Diem, along with other stakeholders, to help build Harper’s Playground, an accessible playground for those with varying ranges of mobility. They have continued to show their collaborative spirit by working closely with Lloyd EcoDistrict on efforts to redesign Peace Memorial Park.

Image Description: Holladay Park Plaza Residents at Right 2 Dream Too.

Grays Going Green helped to pioneer a program that would eliminate the waste from to-go containers used to serve meals by implementing reusable containers. The group had so much success they went on to share the program with other retirement communities throughout the state. Grays Going Green has also been an avid supporter of Right 2 Dream Too, providing support through donations of hygiene kits, warm clothes, and food monthly. Their efforts exemplify the type of collaborative work of a collaborator award winner.

Image Description: Young femmes of color participating in a Brown Girl Rise event.

The Game Changer Award celebrates an individual who acted as a thought leader through sustainability projects while bringing community partners together. This individual has taken charge of new approaches and is an inspiration to others to rise to the challenges around them. In 2019 the winner in this category was Lara Pacheo, the founder of Brown Girls Rise. Through her organization young femmes of color have a place to build solidarity. This space encourages the celebration of identity, history, and the realities of resilience and wellness through communities and cultures. 

Is there an organization or individual that comes to mind when you hear these descriptions? Nominations open up in March. Nominate a business, organization, or individual and you can help to provide a platform to those doing amazing work throughout the Portland community!

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