PARK(ing) Day 2023


By Joshua Baker

PARK(ing) Day 2023 in Lloyd? Absolutely stellar! This movement, creatively repurposing parking spots into dynamic public spaces for nearly 20 years, found a keen participant in Lloyd—a neighborhood often critiqued for its expansive concrete footprint and reputation as a heat island. With its burgeoning resident count, touching approximately 7,000 (mostly apartment dwellers, mind you), the outcry for dog-friendly nooks has never been louder.

Sure, we’ve got Holladay Park, but it’s right in the thick of cars and trains. Lloyd EcoDistrict, Go Lloyd, and The Street Trust took action to create a space dedicated exclusively to furry friends and their owners.. Their canvas? 3 metered parking spots at 9th and Multnomah Streets adjacent to Lloyd Center. For 3 hours, the spot was repurposed with a blanket of green turf, a makeshift doggie haven, some laid-back seating, and a few innovative cargo bikes tailored for pets. Adding a sprinkle of fun, Mike Bennett’s signs cheekily reminded drivers to dial back the speed.

The occasion drew a crowd of nearly 80 attendees—spanning from community enthusiasts to key advocacy groups like Sightline Institute, Better Block PDX, and the ever-popular Icicle Tricycles. Congressman Earl Blumenauer even made an appearance, offering his two cents. With Lloyd at a pivotal urban crossroad, PARK(ing) Day 2023 served as a lively testament to the potential of community-driven innovation. It’s a nudge towards a future where Lloyd’s spaces are green, functional, and fantastically fun.🌿🐾🚴‍♂️.