Peace Memorial Park

Extending our pollinator placemaking efforts to the waterfront, Peace Memorial Park is a pocket park near the Steel Bridge off the Eastbank Esplanade designed to honor victims of war, both military and civilian. The original peace symbol was comprised of annual flowers planted by Veterans For Peace (VFP), with the help of community members. The upkeep effort was very labor intensive, so VFP replaced many of the annuals with heartier plants that would require less maintenance. Over time, the park became overgrown and as VFP’s membership diminished, due to people relocating and getting older, the park went feral.

In 2019, Lloyd EcoDistrict reached out to VFP to collaborate on revitalizing the park, creating a beautiful educational green space in Lloyd. Together we hosted a work party in May to clean up the space and redefine the peace symbol. To ensure that this was a truly collaborative and community driven effort we reached out to 2019 Model the Way Collaborator award winner, PLACE Studios and Xerces Society, an international invertebrate conservation nonprofit based right here in the Lloyd neighborhood. Elevating the message of peace and honoring all victims of war are at the forefront of this project. Being able to easily maintain the space and make it beautiful, educational, and engaging is another piece of this project.

It was a natural fit to integrate pollinator attracting native perennial plants into the design, and highlight the importance of pollinators in our food ecosystem and model the role that cities can play in these efforts.  Since creating this team we have hosted 2 work parties at the site, held an open house to get community feedback on 3 beautiful design options provided by PLACE, and took the designs on a roadshow to collect input at 7 different buildings in Lloyd. As of today, the team is in the process of putting together a final design, based on feedback received from the community. We are seeking funding opportunities to make the redesign a reality. If you are interested in donating to the effort, please click here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Peace Memorial Park Cleanup from Lloyd EcoDistrict on Vimeo.