LAMP: LED Advantage Member Program

LAMP: LED Advantage Member Program

LAMP: LED Advantage Member Program


Our LED retrofit installation program provides energy reduction, cost savings, as well as direct social & community benefits.

A portion of proceeds from LAMP supports Central City Concern, a social service and affordable housing provider. Your project will also support Lloyd EcoDistrict’s ongoing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – our work has already produced a 12% reduction in building energy use in just 5 years!


  • LEDs Lower Energy Use: 40-80% savings
  • Great Payback: Typically two years or less for return on investment
  • Leverage the 2022 Lighting Incentive:
    • Energy Trust of Oregon incentives have increased for higher wattage interior LED fixtures. This will primarily be applicable to commercial and industrial buildings with higher ceilings, such as warehouses, manufacturing, and some retail locations
    • Fixtures with individual sensors and with advanced lighting controls will also qualify for higher incentives. This will be beneficial for the applications mentioned above, but also for office buildings and parking garages
    • Project caps have been raised to $250,000, meaning that larger lighting projects of all types can now qualify for full incentives, rather than being capped at a lower dollar amount.
  • Charitable Benefits: A portion of proceeds help build affordable housing
  • Competitive Pricing: Direct importer with a strong supply chain and bulk purchasing
  • Quality LED lighting Choices: Long-lasting LED replacements for virtually any fixture
  • Excellent Service: Our experts manage product selection, audit, rebate paperwork and installation
  • Trusted Contractor: Our vetted provider, Conserve Energy, is an Energy Trust Performance-Plus trade ally

It’s a win-win, good business decision that helps the environment and supports the community.


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