Climate Action & Adaptation

LED Advantage Member Program (LAMP)

Our LED retrofit installation program provides energy reduction, cost savings, as well as direct social & community benefits.

Power saving concept. Asia man changing compact-fluorescent (CFL) bulbs with new LED light bulb.

Change a light. Change a life.

A portion of proceeds from LAMP supports Central City Concern, a social service and affordable housing provider. Your project will also support Lloyd EcoDistrict’s ongoing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – our work has already produced a 12% reduction in building energy use in just 5 years!

LAMP Benefits

  • LEDs Lower Energy Use: 40-80% savings
  • Great Payback: Typically two years or less for return on investment
  • Leverage the 2024 Lighting Incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon amount.
  • Charitable Benefits: A portion of proceeds help build affordable housing
  • Competitive Pricing: Direct importer with a strong supply chain and bulk purchasing
  • Quality LED lighting Choices: Long-lasting LED replacements for virtually any fixture
  • Excellent Service: Our experts manage product selection, audit, rebate paperwork and installation
  • Trusted Contractor: Our vetted provider, Conserve Energy, is an Energy Trust Performance-Plus trade ally

It’s a win-win, good business decision that helps the environment and supports the community.

It’s easy:

  • Meet Our Team
  • Review Proposal
  • Schedule Installation

Get started, contact Joshua:

Read more about how re-lamping helped one Lloyd property save over one million kilowatt-hours of electricity here.

“We are all so busy so when someone comes in and does the paperwork… it really makes it possible to move forward.”

Lisa Klein, Colliers

“It’s a win-win good business decision that helps the environment.”

David Slawson, East West College