Inclusive Prosperity

Lloyd Community Arts & Recreation Connection

We work with Portland Parks & Recreation and other partners to improve access to recreational and arts classes and activities to Lloyd community members, in particular underserved communities.

an image of an woman holding a hula hoop in Holladay Park.

At Lloyd EcoDistrict, we are excited to collaborate with Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) and other partners to enhance access to recreational and arts programs for our community members, particularly those from underserved communities. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in the Lloyd area has the opportunity to engage in a variety of enriching activities, from swimming lessons to dance classes, knitting workshops, and hiking adventures.

Access Discount Program

PP&R offers an Access Discount Program, which allows residents of Lloyd and the City of Portland to receive ongoing discounts of up to 90% on classes and access to recreation centers and pools. For more information, visit the PP&R website or contact us directly.

What is Early Registration?

As part of their Parks Levy commitment, PP&R aims to improve access to recreational activities for underserved communities, including people of color, seniors, teens, households experiencing poverty, immigrants and refugees, and individuals with disabilities. Through this initiative, PP&R provides information to local organizations like Lloyd EcoDistrict to help more residents and workers in the Lloyd area register for activities before many slots are filled.

Summer Session Early Registration

Interested in enrolling in a class or activity this summer? PP&R offers a wide range of classes for all ages at their recreation and art centers throughout Portland. For the upcoming summer session, which includes activities scheduled between July 29 and August 25, the Early Registration period opens on Thursday, June 6 at 9:30 AM. This exclusive Early Registration period closes on Monday, June 13 at 12:00 PM, three days before general registration begins.

How to Register Early

To take advantage of the Early Registration period, you can call the PP&R Customer Service Center at 503-823-2525 and mention that you were referred by “Lloyd EcoDistrict” for Early Registration. Alternatively, you can register in person at specific park facilities.

Get Involved

We encourage all Lloyd area residents to take advantage of these opportunities and join us in promoting a healthier, more connected community. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, stay active, or simply enjoy the arts, there is something for everyone. Contact us if you have questions about signing up for the Access Pass Discount or Early-Registration. We’re here to help!