Seniors and Businesses Work Together in Lloyd EcoDistrict

By Joshua Baker

February brought Lloyd District seniors and Lloyd Center businesses together for another Age-Friendly Campaign. Focused on businesses in the Lloyd Center mall, the program trained volunteers on how to provide businesses with constructive feedback on engaging older adult customers. Small things, such as providing seats for customers, clearly marked signs, and age-appropriate communication, can make a big difference in the quality of a shopping trip for seniors.

Elders in Action visit -- Shoe Mill

Participating businesses signed up to receive the volunteer evaluations, and were pleased with the results. Not only did they gain recognition for providing great customer service, they received easy-to-implement recommendations to enhance the experience of elder shoppers. In addition, they added new customers from the volunteer group. As one store manager pointed out, seniors have the most discretionary spending of any age group, and the number of citizens aged 65 and older is growing rapidly, which presents a major opportunity for business owners. This is especially true in the Lloyd District, where more than 25% of residents are seniors.

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The volunteers enjoyed the opportunity to learn about local businesses and become more engaged in the district, particularly since the Lloyd Center is a shopping destination. Volunteers also reported feeling more empowered to visit unfamiliar businesses. Developing strong relationships in the district, whether it’s between residents and businesses, employees and non-profit organizations, or any other group, is crucial to building a community in the Lloyd District and making this is a great place to live, work and play.

The Age-Friendly Campaign was brought to the Lloyd District through a partnership between Lloyd EcoDistrict, Elders in Action, Go Lloyd, Lloyd Center and the Lloyd District Community Association.

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A special thank you to our Age-Friendly businesses!


Barnes & Noble Booksellers


Lloyd Center Dental Care

Mail and More

Regis Salon

Shoe Mill

Vitamin World


Alison Hopcroft is the Program Manager at Lloyd EcoDistrict. You can reach her at