Sustainability and Climate Commission


By Kristin Leiber

Portland has a history of intertwining urban planning and sustainability, previously under the umbrella of the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC). Today, recognizing the growing complexity and urgency of both areas, a pivotal shift is underway to create two separate entities: the existing Planning Commission and a new, forthcoming Sustainability and Climate Commission (SCC).

The creation of the SCC is significant. Not only does it underline the city’s deepening commitment to addressing climate change and championing sustainability, but it also streamlines the decision-making process, allowing for specialized and efficient policy recommendations. In a testament to its significance, the SCC is anticipated to sit at the “Councilmember” level, eclipsing all other city commissions in terms of its influence and potential impact.

I am humbled and grateful to announce that Lloyd EcoDistrict has been invited to participate in this transformative initiative. Over recent weeks, we’ve been part of three workshops intended to focus on the framework of the Commission, two of which I’ve attended, with the third scheduled for later this week. 

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has already poured extensive research, framework development, and thoughtful analysis into this effort. It’s heartening to witness the depth of dedication and expertise fueling this project.

Our inclusion as one of the few community-based organizations on the workforce speaks volumes. We are honored that Lloyd EcoDistrict was invited to participate. Our involvement suggests an appreciation for the work we’ve done in our community and our ability to bridge policy and implementation. We are eager to share our experiences and learn from this larger platform, while continuing to advocate for our community’s sustainable future.

The formation of the SCC remains an ongoing journey. While there are many details to iron out, its inception cements Portland’s position at the vanguard of innovative, regional strategies. This move will undoubtedly amplify our combined efforts to combat climate change, hasten decarbonization, and promote equitable, sustainable urban development.

In serving on this workforce, Lloyd EcoDistrict reaffirms its commitment to our community’s sustainable future. We’re here to learn, collaborate, and act. Our involvement underscores the importance of community-based insights and the potential for grassroots initiatives to effect city-wide change. We’re honored to play a role in shaping this bright and sustainable future for Portland.