Tenant Improvements May Qualify for New Building Incentives

By Joshua Baker

Tenant Improvements are customized alterations that a building owner makes as part of a lease agreement to configure space for the needs of a tenant. These may include changes to walls and partitions, ceilings, HVAC, lighting, floor coverings, etc.  When the scope of changes hit a certain threshold, energy efficiency measures may qualify for incentives under the Energy Trust of Oregon’s New Buildings Program, which can be quite generous.  

Some examples of tenant improvement projects that would qualify include:

  • Change of use, such as office to retail
  • Initial interior build-out of a new building
  • Major renovations, such as significant changes to walls, mechanical systems, and new lighting

Under the New Buildings Program, there are incentives for energy-efficient lighting, HVAC, and hot water systems, solar installations, and a range of equipment for food preparation and storage, etc.  For some measures, the incentives are based on the amount of savings that exceed the Oregon Energy Code. For others, there are prescriptive incentives based on the type and size of equipment installed.

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