The Economic Value of EcoDistricts

By Joshua Baker

Last month, McKinsey & Company published an article titled “Building the cities of the future with green districts.” Using 25 “green district” technologies and design elements as proxies, they studied implementing these in three distinct international geographic regions and looked at the environmental, social, and economic implications. What they found aligns with the principles that Lloyd EcoDistrict is founded on: Green development makes sense. As the authors note in the conclusion, “…Green development can make a good deal a great one by maximizing a district’s economic, social, and environmental potential.”

Lloyd EcoDistrict is utilizing many of the technologies and design concepts described in the article, and district developers are too. With energy-efficient technologies, alternative transportation infrastructure, and advanced water management systems, we are demonstrating the value of this approach. Want to learn more about what we’re doing to make the Lloyd District the most sustainable living and working district in North America? Contact us at, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Alison Hopcroft is Program Manager at Lloyd EcoDistrict. You can reach her at