Village Building Convergence 2017 – Info Session #1 Minutes

Village Building - news

By Joshua Baker

Meeting Notes were compiled based on the discussion in this meeting

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Positives about the neighborhood

  • Large Tree 2nd & Clackamas
  • Enthusiastic Residents – Calaroga
  • Multigenerational
  • 6th & Oregon visible
  • Community Gathering Rep
  • Diversity: Schools, Churches, Residents, Gyms
  • Supportive Business Communities

Concerns about the neighborhood

  • Safety Crime/ Personal, Vandalism
    • Perceived vs. actual
  • Long term Maintenance
  • Pre Street Maintenance
  • Diverse & Large Area

Ideas for location

  • 6th & Wasco
  • Holladay Park (used to be a huge city park)
  • 2nd & Clackamas (also one of LED’s identified locations)
  • 6th & Oregon
  • Halsey & 10th(iffy)
  • By Callaroga Terrace, could be a good place to start, get something done
    • Church across the street (Holy Rose) would probably like it

Ideas for other placemaking projects

  • Bridge walkway
  • Bring the T-horse to Holladay Park / Nordstrom
  • Sullivan’s Gulch (neighborhood just East of Lloyd)

Orgs to partner with

Notes submitted by Danielle Jones