Volunteers Make Substantial Headway During Our First Cleanup of the Year


By Joshua Baker

This past Saturday, April 17th, 47 volunteers gathered to continue to work towards a reimagined Peace Memorial Park and to clean up a part of the Lloyd. What better time was it to do so than during Earth month! We are more than happy to have joined forces with our partner SOLVE again and all the volunteers to collect ~800 pounds of trash across Peace Memorial Park, the northern section of the Eastbank Esplanade, and the Moda Center areas. Some invasive plants such as blackberries were cut back and progress was made on maintaining and updating the peace symbol, weed whacking, mowing, and raking the entire park.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who chose to spend their sunny Spring Saturday helping us out with cleaning up the area and making it a safer, more enjoyable place for Portlanders and visitors alike to commute through and spend their time. We know that there is a strong desire from Portlanders to address the litter around the city and to participate in something in person after the long pandemic winter and our team was grateful to have you attend our first big clean-up of the year. We’d also have to extend a big thank you to The Oregon Convention Center for providing a big helping hand by disposing of all of the garbage we collected.

Even though the volunteer work cleanup parties are an important step in the long process to reimagine and rebuild the Park into an inviting public space that is accessible, clean, and sustainable, they are just one piece of the puzzle. We have finalized the plans for irrigation, lighting, native plant choices, signage, and now cost estimates. Eventually, the rebuilt park will be entirely replanted with perennials, shrubs and native pollinators. There will be a large sculptural element for sitting, contemplating, enjoying the views and taking photos. The beautiful artwork and signage will tell an interconnected story of the land’s history, peace, and habitat protection.  More information about this can be found here. In order to finalize these steps though to actualize the full vision of the park we need the support of individuals, community and business leaders, like YOU! Please donate on the Park’s Go Fund Me page here.

Have a fun time at this park cleanup and interested in participating in more upcoming cleanups in your area? We’ll be partnering with SOLVE in setting up Lloyd area cleanups all summer. Click here to learn more now and join us at an upcoming event.