Join us in welcoming Eliot to our team!


By Joshua Baker

We’re excited to welcome and introduce Eliot Headley. This November, Eliot joined us as our new Junior Project Manager & Communications Specialist. Eliot will assist our growing team in developing and implementing Lloyd Ecodistrict’s programs and events as outlined in the 2030 Roadmap of the organization. To start, Eliot will soon be taking on leading our neighborhood cleanups, pollinator placemaking work, and establishing a new tool library that focuses on our local small business and community organizations communities.

Eliot brings nearly a decade of experience in non-profit work engaging volunteers in conservation and environmental education as a project field manager for Clean Oceans International and continues serving on the Board of directors. Eliot has practiced educating in the outdoors through his previous work as a guide throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.

With a Master of Advanced Studies from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in Climate Science and Policy, Eliot continues to lead discussions on the impacts of climate change with the community through instructing community education classes at Mt. Hood Community College and Climate Impact Communicators.

In his free time, you likely will find Eliot engaging in some form of movement in the outdoors such as backcountry skiing on our local Cascades, paddling the lakes and rivers, or cooking with whatever ingredient he can get his hands on.

Have a pollinator placemaking idea? Want to get involved in an upcoming cleanup? You can contact Eliot at