Welcome WVDO to Lloyd!

By Joshua Baker

Like many, the pandemic has shifted how our team works. Working mostly remotely from home, we have recognized that even if the pandemic were to end completely tomorrow, our office use would likely not return to pre-pandemic levels. To that end, we recognized that there might be both environmental and organizational reasons to change the way we use our office space.

In February, we will start to make more efficient use of our space in the Lloyd Center by sharing it with Willamette Valley Development Officers.  As a membership nonprofit, WVDO serves people raising funds for nonprofit organizations by linking them with others in the development community and providing affordable opportunities for their professional growth and education. We’re looking forward to sharing our space, resources, and knowledge with each other.

Join us in welcoming the WVDO team of Maria, Kaitlin, Justin, Melanie to the Lloyd. Read more about who they are and the work their team does here.