2019 Model the Way Sustainable Leadership Awards

We had a marvelous evening on April 11, 2019, celebrating the five winners of our Model the Way Sustainable Leadership Awards!

L to R: Elaine Aye (Board Vice Chair), Sheila Holden (Board Chair), Donna White (Portland Garment Factory), Gabi Lewton-Leopold (Portland Garment Factory), Kristin Guest (Holladay Park Plaza Residents Association), Lara Pacheco (Brown Girl Rise), Molly Hatfield (Bonneville Power Administration), Mauricio Villarreal (PLACE), Sarah Heinicke (Executive Director), Matt Mylet (Board Treasurer)


Holladay Park Plaza Residents Association


We had two Collaborator Award winners this year. The first went to Grays Going Green, a subcommittee of the Holladay Park Plaza Residents Association Building and Grounds Committee.  They provide practical information and resources to Holladay Park Plaza members to ensure and sustain healthy lives and a healthy earth.  In summer of 2018, Grays Going Green proposed a trial of reusable containers. The committee learned that over 34,000 single use  takeout containers from the HPP dining program were ending up in the landfill annually.  Resusable containers from the trial have been adopted into their food service and can be used again, up to 300 times.

Additionally Residents of HPP have been avid generous supporters of the Right 2 Dream Too rest area for houseless Portlanders, located in Lloyd. They have been donating hygiene kits, warm clothes and food on a monthly basis.


Lara Pacheco of Brown Girl Rise


Our Visionary Award went to Lara Pacheco of Brown Girl Rise. Brown Girl Rise cultivates a sisterhood of young femmes of color who reclaim their connection to body, community, land, health, and creativity to create a just future where we rise together.  BGR is a space for young femmes of color to build solidarity with one another in resistance to dominant images of illness or violence or dysfunction. This is a space to learn and celebrate the histories and the realities of resilience and wellness throughout our communities and cultures.



This year’s Cornerstone Award went to the Bonneville Power Administration. BPA has been an enthusiastic memberof Lloyd EcoDistrict for several years and strives to promote sustainability in the neighborhood, region, and industry as a whole.  BPA leads a data-driven Sustainability Program that tracks and reports on dozens of sustainability metrics each year. These performance data allow BPA to implement targeted initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Award-winning successes within the past year include:

  • a 16% reduction in paper purchases
  • a 92% waste recovery rate
  • an award for 3 xeriscaping pilot projects that saved over 2 million gallons of water in one year.



Our second Collaborator Award went to PLACE Architecture. PLACE practices a philosophy of people-inspired placemaking. Founded in 2010, PLACE’s team of 30 creatives is ethnically diverse and intuitively sensitive to the social fabric of emerging communities. With a multidisciplinary approach and cultural fluency, PLACE designers’ are committed to innovative landscape architecture, planning, art, and urban design as a gateway to a high quality of life worldwide. PLACE sponsors company-wide civic activities, including neighborhood tree planting and revitalization projects for low-income families. PLACE has joined Parke Diem, a non-profit, citywide campaign to launch Portland’s largest ever park-supporting event. PLACE strongly believes that children and adults of all abilities should be able to play and learn together. With $100,000 in-kind assistance from Schematic Design through Construction Administration and As-Builts, marketing, and fundraising, PLACE ensured that Harper’s Playground successfully became the first universal playground in Portland. During the last nine years, PLACE’s studio, art gallery, workshop, and mobile workforce served as an incubator for numerous regional community events and projects benefiting from more than $1,000,000 of in-kind materials and services by PLACE.


Our Innovator Award went to Portland Garment Factory. PGF is a full-service design and fabrication studio with expertise in soft-goods design and manufacturing; creative direction; and art fabrication. Innovation at PGF takes many forms: from determining how to sew a complex garment in such a way that minimizes fabric waste and maximizes efficiency, to big picture projects like how to reuse thousands of pounds of fabric scraps. PGF has operated as a zero waste factory since 2015. That means they recycle, reuse, or compost, whenever possible. The fabric scrap recycling program allows many of  PGFs scraps to be reused by artists and community members, or become the material for PGF-led maker fair projects at local schools and OMSI.





Thank you to our sponsors!



Harper Houf Peterson Righellis, Inc ●  Puttman Infrastructure, Inc ● PLACE ● Able Services ● Beneficial State Bank ● Energy Trust of Oregon