2023 Model the Way Award Winners Announced!


By Burgin Utaski

We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Model the Way AwardsAnimal.Planet.Mineral. and the planning team behind the Congressman Earl Blumenauer Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge!

Read on for more information about these fantastic Lloyd community partners.

Join us at Model the Way to celebrate Animal.Plant.Mineral. and The Blumenauer Bridge planning team’s achievements and congratulating them on this well-deserved recognition.

At Model the Way, we will be honoring community partners and raising funds to continue developing creative solutions to the challenges that our urban communities face. We hope to see you there!

When: April 19, 2023, 5-8 pm.
Where: Easton Broad, 237 Northeast Broadway #Suite 300 Portland, OR 97232

Congratulations to Animal.Plant.Mineral. as the winner of the Bedrock Award!

Animal.Plant.Mineral. and shop owner Faith Jennings exemplify sustainable leadership in the Lloyd community through their sourcing of handmade, second-hand, and naturally sourced goods. The shop also emphasises sustainability in fashion through their clothing mending and repair services.

Aside from the beautiful storefront in the Lloyd Center, Jennings has also made strides in Lloyd community building and leadership. Last year, Animal.Plant.Mineral. hosted a series of fashion shows, using the mall’s sky bridge as a catwalk. Jennings also hosts public workshops to teach clothing mending and repair. As one of the longest tenants in Lloyd Center, Jennings has worked to pave the way for other community-oriented small businesses to experiment with a storefront in a traditional mall structure.

The impact of Animal.Plant.Mineral. has been felt by the Lloyd community. Their focus on sustainability and leadership in Lloyd is a testament to their emphasis on equity, resilience, and climate protection.

Make sure to check out these upcoming events hosted by Animal.Plant.Mineral. during Earth Day weekend!

April 20: Go-Go Green Fashion Social and Open-Strut.
April 22: Earth Day Clothing Mending and Repair Workshop.

Congratulations to the Congressman Earl Blumenauer Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge planning team as the winner of the Collaborator Award!

Spearheaded by a diverse range of partners, including Go LloydZGF Architects, PBOT, and many more, the construction of the Blumenauer Bridge is an excellent recent example of collaborative problem-solving to address complex challenges in Lloyd.

With a demonstrated commitment to supporting sustainable, creative, and equitable partnerships, this group exemplifies collaborative partnership in Lloyd. Building a new bridge is no small feat! The development of the project took decades of behind-the-scenes work with the city, developers, and local stakeholders. The group offered regular project updates to the public, including at last year’s Lloyd Open House.

In addition, the group thought about multiple uses for the bridge with an eye to community resiliency: it is built to withstand a 9.0 earthquake and provide a path for emergency vehicles to move between these two parts of the city. The group also made intentional efforts to integrate creative partnerships and involve the community.

April 28: Join Breakfast On The Bridges PDX for coffee and treats at the Blumenauer Bridge from 7-9 am.