Get Involved with the Connectivity Project

_CONNPRO Poster_March2020

By Joshua Baker

In late June, Lloyd EcoDistrict was proud to host the virtual film screening of the short film “Plants Have Wings” from director Rose Madrone’s “The Connectivity Project.” 

Disappointed you missed it? Don’t worry, we’ve lined up another event for you in the coming weeks! This August 19th at 6PM, join us for a virtual event featuring the short film by Rose Madrone, “Speaking Out!” In this film, director Rose Madrone follows an inspired indigenous high school student in Portland Oregon, who is influenced by the actions of Lois Gibbs of the 1970’s, – a grassroots activist and organizer in the resistance of devastating pollution in Love Canal, New York. Lois’s story was a catalyst for this Roosevelt HS student and her class to go to the state legislature to apply pressure for change and advocate for clean air for her school and community. Watch the trailer to the film at this link.

Following the film we are lucky enough to have a stellar group of panelists to discuss their experiences as clean air activists. Meet Adah Crandall and Malina Yuen, high school students who have been forced to worry about their health and safety on top of their academics amidst our climate crisis. These students are fighting against the rising carbon emissions affecting their homes and high school campuses, particularly opposing the I-5 freeway expansion project. They argue that projects like these contribute to the state’s carbon emissions, 40% of which come from these freeways. These young activists have spent weeks this summer outside, masked up, protesting in the heat for their right to clean air.

We will also be joined by Mary Peveto, Executive Director of neighbors for clean air. Mary actually got Adah involved in the activism she currently participates in, and we are beyond excited to have both talking with us during this panel. Neighbors For Clean Air’s mission statement is clear: fighting for all communities in Oregon to have clean and healthy air to breathe. Mary considers herself an “accidental activist,” terrified after discovering a national study published in 2008 that showed her daughters’ school to be ranked among the worst 2% in the nation at risk to toxic industrial air pollution. Now she fights for cleaner air quality for all Oregonians.

Interested in watching the film and learning more about these activists’ work? Come out on August 19th for this hour-long virtual event. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists about anything ranging from their work, to how they can get involved, Rose Madrone’s involvement in film, or activism more broadly. Register for this exciting event at this link, and we cannot wait to see you in a couple weeks.