High Bay Lighting: A Great Opportunity for Energy Savings

High Bay Lighting LEDs

By Joshua Baker

High Bay lighting is generally described as fixtures designed to be mounted 20-45 feet above the floor. Some common applications include warehouses, garages & hangers, big-box retail, manufacturing, and athletic facilities.  Because of the high mounting height, existing fixtures are high wattage. 250-400 Watts is typical, with up to 1000 Watts in some applications. Along with high wattage, many high bay applications have long operating hours, resulting in significant energy consumption. In addition, most existing high bay fixtures are based on technologies that are not good candidates for lighting controls such as occupancy sensors or dimming. Therefore, they typically run at 100% output.

Fortunately, LED high bay fixtures are now available that can reduce energy consumption by 50-65% over existing fixtures.  This is just the starting point. LED fixtures are compatible with lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, dimming, and daylight harvesting.  With aggressive control strategies, LED high bay lights have been demonstrated to reduce energy consumption by over 90% in some applications. 

Do you have high bay lighting in your facility?  Want to learn more about options to reduce energy consumption, improve lighting quality, and get a great ROI?  Contact Lloyd EcoDistrict to learn more about how the LAMP (Lighting Advantage Member Program) can help.