Lloyd Prepares Program Strengthens Community Resilience through Targeted Training


By Joshua Baker

We’re strong proponents of the idea communities that know and trust each other before an emergency or crisis are more resilient and will emerge from that crisis stronger. That’s why launched the Lloyd Prepares Program in 2022, ran the Preparedness Challenge Campaign last winter, partnered with Community Services Network for the first annual Lloyd Community Resource Fair earlier this year, developed air quality resources, and ran a cooling shelter for the Lloyd Center during last summer’s dangerous heatwave.   

And in the last six months, we’ve kept busy expanding our Lloyd Prepares program and building a resilient community focusing on targeted training events at different residential buildings in Lloyd that foster community connections.

Emphasizing the importance of knowing our immediate neighbors in times of emergencies, we organized five events where residents and community members gained valuable emergency preparedness knowledge, were able to take home emergency preparedness supplies, and created connections with neighbors. These included:

Heat First Aid Training at The Louisa Flowers:
The workshop series kicked off with a Heat First Aid training session at The Louisa Flowers, Home Forward’s one affordable housing building in the Lloyd. Beyond imparting essential skills for heat-related emergencies – such as being able to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and how to treat these illnesses – the event created an environment for neighbors to connect, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility within the immediate vicinity. All attendees also received emergency preparedness supplies like cooling towels and first aid kits to help respond to heat emergencies.

Managing Wildfire Smoke at Madrona Studios:
Recognizing the impact that poor air quality has on residents, our second workshop was held at Central City Concern’s Madrona Studios and addressed how residents there could stay safe and deal with wildfire smoke. The event provided a platform for residents to discuss and plan with those living in their building, and all attendees were able to take home an air purifier to help keep their studio air quality healthy.

Earthquake Preparedness 101 at Miracles Central Apartments:
Residents joined us for a pizza party and presentation on what they can do to prepare for a future big earthquake. Miracles Central Apartments is an affordable apartment community in Lloyd that provides an alcohol and drug-free living environment for individuals in recovery. Attendees not only gained valuable knowledge but also engaged in discussions about specific challenges faced by their neighborhood and building in the case the “big one” earthquake happens, reinforcing the importance of knowing their neighbors in the face of adversity.

Stop The Bleed & CPR at Holladay Park Plaza:
The training at Holladay Park Plaza went beyond just learning life-saving skills. It emphasized the significance of having a network of individuals within proximity who are trained to respond in emergencies, creating a more resilient and interconnected community. More than 20 residents learned and demonstrated on fake limbs how to respond to bleeding emergencies. All attendees also received a tourniquet to take home with them. Now, between this training and one in 2022, there are residents on every floor of the older adult community trained to stop the bleed.  

Emergency Preparedness 101 at The Encorepreneur Cafe:
The Encorepreneur Cafe, a community center in Lloyd, played host to a general emergency preparedness workshop, placing a specific focus on multifamily building issues. As opposed to being open to only residents in one building, this was open to residents from any building. With residents from buildings like the Cascadia Court Condominiums and Holladay Park Plaza both attending, it was great to see residents exchanging ideas for preparedness initiatives. All attendees left with a fully stocked first aid kit to add to their emergency supplies, too! 

Through these targeted training initiatives, Lloyd Prepares has successfully trained nearly a hundred residents. The emphasis on specific events and building connections with immediate neighbors has fortified the community, ensuring a more resilient response in times of crisis – something we’ll continue to grow!

We extend heartfelt gratitude to the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) for their invaluable support. It is through their generous Community Resilience and Capacity Building Grant that these targeted training initiatives and community-building events have become a reality, fortifying Lloyd’s resilience in the face of emergencies. Thank you, PBEM!

As Lloyd EcoDistrict’s Lloyd Prepares program looks forward, the commitment to fostering community resilience remains unwavering. In times of emergency, knowing our immediate neighbors is not just a tagline; it’s a powerful strategy for building a resilient Lloyd. In 2024, we will continue to offer these workshops – not just for residents, but for workplaces too. If you are interested in having us do an Emergency Preparedness 101 workshop or another resilience workshop at your building or for your group, contact us and let’s chat!

Check out of the pictures from the Lloyd Prepares workshops: