Lloyd Center Shoutout!


By Burgin Utaski

Today on the City Cast Portland podcast, host Claudia Meza and audio producer Giulia Fiaoni spoke on the emerging “punk” scene in the Lloyd Center Mall. Since the shift in ownership in 2021, the Lloyd Center has become a home for a series of unique, art-focused vendors and small businesses. In the podcast episode, which you can listen to here, the hosts chat with Salvador Ybarra, a tattoo artist at Euphoria, James Lucas Jones, the owner of the LEGO shop Brickdiculous, and Dreem Street, co-owner Eric Mast.

The overarching theme? Lloyd Center has felt increasingly lively, with pop-up-style shops opening frequently and hosting fun events for the community. The podcast also touched on some of the equity initiatives the mall has taken, including the opening of the mall as a makeshift overnight shelter in early March.

We at Lloyd EcoDistrict are excited to see how the space is adapted and activated in the future. Make sure to check out our calendar and social media (@ecolloyd) to keep up to date on events in the Lloyd Center!