New Million Dollar Investment in Portland’s Albina Neighborhood


By Burgin Utaski

Restoring Albina into a center for Black belonging, connectivity, and wealth creation is closer than ever!

Nike co-founder Phil Knight recently made headlines with a $400 million investment fund to support Black residents in Portland’s inner North and Northeast neighborhoods. This fund aims to uplift Albina, once a thriving center of Black society and culture. Understanding the historical context of Albina is crucial in appreciating the significance of this investment. OPB sat down with Karen Gibson, an emeritus professor at Portland State University, to talk about the history of Albina. Read or listen here

The story of Albina sheds light on Portland’s historical disinvestment, urban renewal, and racial inequalities. Knight’s investment presents a significant opportunity to address past injustices and empower Albina’s Black community. By focusing on individual well-being, education, and economic empowerment, lasting positive change can be achieved in Albina and beyond.

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