Lloyd EcoDistrict Action Forum

Lloyd EcoDistrict Action Forum

Lloyd EcoDistrict Action Forum


Lloyd EcoDistrict Waste Reduction Action Plan 2017
Lloyd EcoDistrict Waste Reduction Action Plan

We are apartment dwellers, condo residents, organizations, small business owners, sustainability professionals, teachers, students and neighbors who live, play, and work in Lloyd.

As part of the Lloyd EcoDistrict Action Forum, or LEAF, take action to make Lloyd a more sustainable neighborhood. LEAF provides a forum for interested individuals from local buildings, utilities, and city agencies to share ideas, pool resources, develop and promote new solutions for the EcoDistrict while sharing in the creation of sustainable results.

Broadly speaking we work on projects which address our goals for energy, waste, transportation, and water. We aim to create a more resilient neighborhood by regularly working together on big and small projects, and initiatives. We also work hard to make sure we evaluate our work through a lens of social equity and well-being. So far, we have developed action plans for two of these five goals; energy efficiency and waste reduction.

  • For energy efficiency, we have identified 15 energy-related projects to reach our goal of “no net increase” in energy use by 2035.
  • For waste reduction, by 2035 we will recover 93% of waste and generate the same amount of waste as current levels, despite development which is expected to triple the square footage of the district. Our stakeholders are working together to pursue 14 actions to reduce waste in Lloyd.


Join LEAF!

Lloyd EcoDistrict Energy Action Plan

Are you working to improve your building’s sustainability, by reducing waste, energy use, or something else? Do you want to learn more and benefit from the power of working together? Do you want to make a difference as an active community member of Lloyd?

Read more about how benchmarking and tracking helped one Lloyd building identify projects that saved over one million kilowatt-hours of electricity and 3,000 therms of gas in the first year alone!

LEAF could be just the resource you need. You will be connected to the larger efforts to make Lloyd a more sustainable place, providing you extra leverage and support to make your efforts succeed.

Our LEAF meeting are currently paused, but we are looking forward to restarting them soon. Contact Joshua for details.




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