Taking a Page from the Moda Center Playbook


By Kristin Leiber

Hey there, Lloyd lovers!

Sustainability work can feel heavy. It’s important to communicate and celebrate wins, especially in our own backyards!

I’ve got a great case study from our neighbors at the Moda Center that could shake up how we all think about waste. The Portland Trail Blazers, backed by Bold Reuse, launched a reusable food ware program last summer. And guess what? It’s been a slam dunk. Brittany Saulsbury, our board member, and Sustainability Operations Manager for the team, has been at the forefront of this effort.

What’s exciting is how this model could be replicated, not just in other big stadiums but in our small businesses, bars, restaurants, and community events. Let me share a bit about how they did it and how we can take inspiration.

First, they partnered with the right people. Bold Reuse and Levy Restaurants rolled out the reusable foodware at the Club Level concession stands. It’s not just about having the right gear but the right team to implement the changes. For us, that could mean reaching out to local partners who share our vision for sustainability.

Then, they tracked the progress. They collected data, improved return rates, and listened to the fans. The result? A whopping 92% satisfaction rate. Fans love it and want more of it. Imagine your customers or event-goers feeling the same way.

What’s next? Expanding the program to include reusable cups and bowls throughout the arena. It’s a great reminder that we can always aim higher and do more.

Here’s how it works:

         1. Serve food in reusable containers.

         2. Have customers place empty containers in designated bins.

         3. Sort out the reusable packaging.

         4. Clean and return them for the next event.

         5. Monitor progress and keep improving.

The results: An impressive 88.4% return rate, lower waste management costs, and super satisfied customers.

So what’s the takeaway for us smaller organizations and businesses? Well, the Trail Blazers and Bold Reuse show that sustainability is not just for the big players. Even on a smaller scale, we can make impactful changes.

Whether it’s reusable containers in a local coffee shop, a zero-waste community event, or a local restaurant exploring compostable materials, we all can contribute to this effort. Every step, big or small, gets us closer to our sustainability goals.

Let’s take this as a challenge and see how we can reduce single-use waste in our own corners of the city.

Stay green,

Kristin Leiber