Spotlight on Sustainability: Celebrating Our Model the Way Winners


By Joshua Baker

Last month’s Model the Way event was a community celebration of the individuals and organizations driving positive change in the Lloyd neighborhood. This annual awards ceremony is a cornerstone of our community’s commitment to sustainable and resilient urban development.

Award Winners: Champions of Change

Keith Jones – Bedrock Award
Keith Jones has been instrumental in numerous community development projects, his visionary approach bringing vitality to urban spaces while addressing major societal issues with empathy and intelligence. His unwavering dedication earned him this year’s Bedrock Award.

Sarah Drescher – Collaborator Award
Recognized with the Collaborator Award, Sarah Drescher has been a force in revitalizing the Northeast Broadway Business Association, fostering a cooperative spirit that has reinvigorated the local business landscape, enhancing the community’s cohesion and vibrancy.

Bold Reuse – Daredevil Award
The Daredevil Award was rightfully claimed by Bold Reuse, a local women-led business that has revolutionized our approach to event sustainability. Their efforts have significantly reduced waste, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in Lloyd.

Vivian Satterfield & Elaine Livingston – Game Changer Award
Vivian Satterfield and Elaine Livingston have crafted some of the most forward-thinking sustainability frameworks, making them worthy recipients of the Game Changer Award. Their strategic initiatives have greatly influenced Portland’s environmental and community planning approach.

Willie Levenson – Game Changer Award
Sharing the Game Changer Award, Willie Levenson has been pivotal in reconnecting the community with the Willamette River, enhancing public spaces, and fostering a new appreciation for this vital environmental asset.

A Night of Inspiration
The event was a lively mix of celebration and inspiration, set against the backdrop of AVENUE PORTLAND’s cutting-edge A/V capabilities, bringing our community’s stories to life. Attendees learned about the impactful work being done and enjoyed the camaraderie of neighbors and local business leaders, reinforcing the sense of community that makes Lloyd special.

The Model the Way awards remind us of the power of community and the impact of dedicated individuals and organizations. As we look forward to more innovative projects and partnerships, let’s continue to support and celebrate the remarkable people making Lloyd one of the most sustainable neighborhoods in North America.

Come join us in this exciting journey, engage with your community, and help us drive the change towards a more resilient and vibrant Lloyd. Together, we’re not just dreaming of a better future; we’re creating it, one project at a time.