Energy Trust “Sweetens the Deal” for Commercial Lighting Projects


By Joshua Baker

Energy Trust of Oregon has announced changes to their commercial lighting incentives that can significantly improve the financial return for many types of commercial and industrial lighting projects.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Incentives have increased for higher wattage interior LED fixtures.  This will primarily be applicable to commercial and industrial buildings with higher ceilings, such as warehouses, manufacturing, and some retail locations
  • Fixtures with individual sensors and with advanced lighting controls will also qualify for higher incentives.  This will be beneficial for the applications mentioned above, but also for office buildings and parking garages
  • Project caps have been raised to $250,000, meaning that larger lighting projects of all types can now qualify for full incentives, rather than being capped at a lower dollar amount.

Contact us at the LAMP Program to learn more about how these changes can improve ROI and payback on your lighting projects.