Going Dark: Lights Out Lloyd Pictures


By Joshua Baker

You might have noticed something different about the Portland skyline last Friday, September 30th. The Oregon Convention Center spires, a signature of the nighttime PDX urbanscape, were DARK! That’s because  OCC was one of the Lloyd EcoDistrict’s Lights Out Lloyd participants, joining numerous other buildings in the neighborhood and around the city that went dark in support of the Audubon Society of Portland Lights Out/Bird Safe program. We’ll be using the momentum of Friday’s launch to establish Bird Safe building standards in Lloyd – stay tuned for updates and contact Devon at devon@ecolloyd.org with any questions or inquiries!

Thank you to all our participants:

  • Oregon Convention Center spires and tiara lighting
  • Metro Headquarters
  • Lloyd 700 Building
  • Lloyd Center Tower
  • East West College of the Healing Arts
  • Bonneville Power Administration
OCC Spires Dark

Thanks to Portland Audubon Society for the pictures!